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In today’s advanced information society, based on the international movement of peoples, in order to foster an awareness of, and aid in the development of high ethical standards, with a technology rich environment that can respond to the needs of the times, the Ocean Civil Engineering Department has set the following Education Goals. To learn the basic subjects that underlie engineering. And in particular to develop the specialized skills related to planning, design and construction management, of the latest marine technology. Also, concerning conventional oceanographic studies, we aim to develop a deeper understanding in our students, of the sea and all its resources, how by civil engineering education we aim to develop human resources in the sea, bringing together ideas and insights of intangible systems to the surface.
Issues related to usual civil engineering in the land and coast areas, in addition to the area of the continental shelf where it is possible to build structures attached to the seabed, are the target of ocean civil engineering education and research. To train the students, who can consider from a broad perspective the issues requested by the community, such as the prevention of natural disasters and preservation of the natural surroundings in harmony with local culture and landscape.


Education Goal

Specific learning
  1. To educate the students in the knowledge of human welfare and happiness.
  2. To develop in the students basic knowledge in energy and the environment, and cultivation of a sustainable society.
  3. Cultivation of International communication skills
  4. Focus on sound basic engineering skills with enhanced knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences.
  5. A basic knowledge of civil engineering skills and flexibly applied design skills training can be nurtured for professional achievement.
  6. To foster the ability to make decisions about the overall development and conservation of the marine environment.
  7. To foster the ability to discover their own issues, and to solve problems independently through discussion and investigations.
  8. Develop continuous learning -ability to foster self study after graduation.
Ocean Civil Engineering Program

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