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What is Ocean Civil Engineering?

What is the Ocean Civil Engineering Program? The Ocean Civil Engineering Program is an interdisciplinary Civil Engineering core, with Ocean Engineering study added. In this program, the research and education is aimed at the development of infrastructure and conservation of both the marine environment and the coastal lands. Our Mission is to prepare our graduates to make the public spaces as safe and comfortable in harmony with the natural environment, as well as to develop infrastructure in support of industrial activities.
Examples such as the New Kansi International Airport, the Honshu-Shikoku Bridges, the Seikan Tunnel and the Trans Tokyo Bay road are proud results of Ocean Civil Engineering.

An introduction to the Ocean Civil Engineering program is here (5.6MB)
About Ocean Civil Engineering Program

Program History

The Program was established in 1973, as the Department of Ocean Civil Development Engineering. Initially there were 5 courses offered, Ocean engineering, Coastal engineering, Construction engineering, Development planning, and Structure engineering. A Master’s Program was established in April 1982. Then, in 1992, the Department conducted a reorganization, and the Department was renamed, Ocean Civil Engineering”

Currently only Kagoshima University has a Department of Ocean Civil Engineering. In 2001 the education programs of our department conducted a examination of programs, leading to the establishment of the JABEE(Japan Accreditation Board for Engineering Education). JABEE is a nongovernmental organization that examines and accredits programs in engineering education in close cooperation with engineering associations and societies. In May of 2005 the Ocean Civil Engineering Department received accreditation from JABEE and is recognized for excellence in civil and ocean engineering education.


April 1973 Department of Ocean Civil Development Engineering established.
April 1982 Master’s Program, Ocean Civil Development Engineering, established.
April 1992 Department reorganized, renamed Ocean Civil Engineering.
April 2005 Received JABEE accre

The Period of accreditation commencing from the Class of 2004.

Ocean Civil Engineering Program

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